• @Allero
    11 month ago

    Hmm, maybe, actually. Though it’s a softer word.

    • @MindTraveller@lemmy.ca
      -81 month ago

      I don’t think Mr T feels that way. It’s about learning to draw the feeling of your insults from a new source. See, we have a language of reference to cultural ideas just like Star Trek’s Tamarians. Darmok and Jalad at Tenagra. Ours is just less concrete. When you use the word ps*cho, it hits hard because you’re drawing on cultural hatred and fear of psychotic and ASPD people. Society doesn’t feel as strongly about court fools, and that’s why nobody feels their sense of hatred light up in reaction to the word. But if the only reason your insults hit hard is because everyone hates mentally ill people, you’re using the wrong insults.