Having dropped New Vegas in the past due to lost interest, I decided to try this game out finally since a friend of mine was having a fallout 3 playthrough himself. It was it 8 bucks, so I figured why not. I have to say, I put way more hours into this game than both other Bethesda games I’ve played through (Skyrim and Oblivion) before even finishing the main quest line. The combat was excellent in my opinion, and I (seem to be in the minority of people who) really liked the story. The choices it forces you to make sometimes really had me feeling emotional at times. I also played it with some minor mods installed, just some custom outfits and real world guns for immersion. Nothing to break the story or anything, though there are a few DLC sized mods I’m eyeing up to play in the future. Overall I seriously enjoyed this game, I’ve noticed online it seems to be regarded as one of the least popular mainline games but I think it’s become my favourite Bethesda game I’ve tried so far honestly. Seriously recommend anyone who hasn’t played this yet to at least give it a try. It really pulled me in.

Edit: Since I’m done with F4, got New Vegas running with some nice mods to add gritty aesthetics and real world weapons. Giving it another try 6 years after I initially tried it and so far I’m way more into it!

Edit 2: more specific context

  • @tal
    12 months ago

    The legendary system isn’t transplanted from Elder Scrolls, is it?


    I thought that Skyrim had legendaries, but apparently I misremembered. It’s got weapons with attributes – like, you can get a weapon that causes additional fire damage – but those apparently are the same as the weapon enchantment system, not distinct from it.

    There’s enemies, sure, but they don’t exist past being targets for me to destroy so that I can loot them and whatever structure they’re functionally just guarding. I can’t really influence most of them past killing them and putting the Minutemen there instead.

    That’s pretty true of Fallout 3 or New Vegas too, yes? I mean, a deathclaw is a deathclaw.

    • @SolOrion@sh.itjust.works
      12 months ago

      Yeah, that’s the part that confused me. Skyrim’s enchantment system is just it’s enchantment system. It’s not as… exclusive as Fallout 4’s legendary system. I think that’s what makes it distinct in my mind. I definitely see what you mean.

      a deathclaw is a deathclaw.

      Fallout 3, sure, but with New Vegas? Not really. There’s plenty of places you can go and then decide whether you’re making friends or enemies. You can interact with them, and then decide if you want them dead or not. There’s definitely some places where- like you said- a deathclaw is a deathclaw, but there’s also plenty of exceptions.