I got hyped by the TV series so I will play the game for the first time (yes, I know, it took this long). I usually prefer to buy GOG version of a game but I saw the rating of FO4 GOG at 3.9/5. Why is that? I have read somewhere that there is technical issue of some sort which includes modding for GOG version? I expected higher gamer rating for FO4 in GOG but a lower rating typically indicates for me some genuine issues.

Edit: also the GOG Version says it does not include the Creation Club. What is it and is it in some way better than using Nexus mods?

  • @tal
    42 months ago

    I mean, old for the fast-moving genre of first-person 3D games, where (checks) nine years is a long time in terms of technology. Obviously, it’s a lot younger than, say, Pac-Man, and people still play and enjoy that game in its original form.