• @tal
    2 months ago

    Nope. Read the bill text. All Google has to do is link to an article for it to apply.


    (1) For each month, a covered platform shall track and record, for each eligible digital journalism provider that submits a notice pursuant to Section 3273.61, the total number of the covered platform’s internet websites that link to, display, or present that eligible digital journalism provider’s news articles, works of journalism, or other content, or portions thereof, and that the covered platform has displayed or presented to California residents.

    (2) For each month, a covered platform shall use the data collected pursuant to paragraph (1) to calculate the allocation share for each notifying eligible digital journalism provider.

    • Jajcus
      12 months ago

      I am not saying this particular law is good. I even have suspicions that it could be bad on purpose. Easier to fight and makes the news sites look like idiots.

      The problem is real and needs proper regulations, but for some reason only no or ridiculous regulation happens…

      Oh… now I sound like some conspiracy theorist 😀