A couple glugs of olive or sunflower oil into tissues or paper towels makes a great easy firelighter for wood burning stoves etc.

  • @Boinkage@lemmy.world
    2 months ago

    I wouldn’t burn anything greasy or oily in a wood burning stove. All that junk will end up accreting in the chimney pipe. Especially if you have a catalytic combustor. My wood stove user manual says don’t burn anything but clean wood for this reason. A wad of paper and pile of kindling should get you going fine without burning oil in there.

    • @jobbyOP
      02 months ago

      I’m not talking about a cup of oil, just a tsp or so. Sometimes all our kindling etc is a little damp and stuff seems reluctant to get going. The oil or even an old tea-light paraffin candle helps it marvellously!