I dived into the selfhosting rabbit hole once again and again I am stuck at the hardware part. I’d like to start small-ish to make it realisable. I thought about a NAS (Openmediavault probably). First I wanted to do it on a Raspberry Pi with an external hard-drive but then I read USB connected drives are unreliable and so on. Mini PCs are too small to house internal drives so should I go with a (refurbished) business PC from ebay and add some drives to it?But they usually come with Windows 10, which I wouldn’t need but makes them more expensive. I also have at least one old PC case laying around but no mainboard or CPU for it, if that info might be important. Thank you in advance for helping a noob out!

Edit: What I want to achieve: I would like a NAS and (separated) a server with some small services (pi-hole or adguard, syncthing, jellyfin (getting the data from the NAS), and so on). I thought about running the small services with docker on a RPi 4 and the NAS on a refurbished business PC with SATA drives in the case (I checked ebay and there are mainboards with 4 SATA III connectors and PCI so I could even add more SATA connectors). In a second moment a backup server (maybe with borg) would be a good idea but I could also do manual backups with an external USB HDD for the time being.

  • @theorangeninjaOP
    11 month ago

    I have a seagate external drive at home, do you know if that one can be opened too? But good to know, thanks.

    I will consider it, do you think a refurbished business 1L client would work too?

    • @ShepherdPie@midwest.social
      31 month ago

      I’m not sure as I’ve always stuck to WD drives. You should be able to Google the model + “shuck” and see if anyone else has done it. I know certain models either solder the controller to the drive or add it internally so that there’s no standard SATA port.

      The larger clients should work the same as the micro sized ones, but don’t expect to get much more use out of them than maybe being able to store a drive internally as they’re typically full of proprietary connectors and stripped down motherboards. I’d only bother with one if you can buy it cheaper than one of the micro sized options like the Optiplex 3050