• Google Cloud accidentally deleted UniSuper’s account and backups, causing a major data loss and downtime for the company.
  • UniSuper was able to recover data from backups with a different provider after the incident.
  • The incident highlighted the importance of having safeguards in place for cloud service providers to prevent such catastrophic events from occurring.
  • @1984
    2 months ago

    Sounds really dramatic in a news item though. Click bait. :)

    But yeah, I recently moved away from these cloud services and have a Nas at home now. Only encrypted backups in cloud. Because fuck Google.

    • @brbposting@sh.itjust.works
      32 months ago

      “Unprecedented” is kinda hot right now. Tries to mitigate too much blame being heaped on: “obviously we prepare for the usual and even the unexpected, but this has literally never happened before (give us another shot pls)”.

      So it’s interesting for the news that it takes on a different context when said breathlessly: “UNPRECEDENTED failure!”