• @Paradachshund
    496 months ago

    I’m a millennial and I don’t understand why anyone from my generation would have a problem with zoomers. Y’all are good people.

    • @Candelestine@lemmy.world
      306 months ago

      I think a lot of the millennial drama is manufactured. The generational drama in general is.

      Not that generation gaps don’t exist, but generally we’re pretty tolerant of each other at the younger/lefter end. Even most of the disagreement around Gaza is more fueled by political position than age imo, once you allowed the newcomers to the conflict the time to get up to speed on it. Which did take a little time. It’s kinda complicated.

      There are definitely large numbers of people trying to manufacture conflict in pretty much every way they can think of, though. Some bots, some volunteers, probably even some paid people, world is a big place and labor can be cheap. Fortunately Lemmings generally seem to be a harder target.