Lately I often read about being similar to lemmy but more accessible. So I created an account there to check it out. My experience so far is a little mixed. From kbin I can access all Lemmy posts, although I find the interface less intuitive to join new communities. So from the kbin side it feels like an other Lemmy instance.

But when searching for kbin from this Lemmy Account, I do not find much. I feel like I am missing some basic concept, that makes it pretty clear. Why this is such a one way experience.

So now I am wondering: How does this work, what are the difference, what do both sites have in common?

  • ANuStart
    810 months ago

    I’ll admit I can’t wrap my head around how many of this works.

    I like kbin and the default content it provides for the most part… But I want to branch out a bit.

    I know there’s a formula 1 community I want to join on lemmy, do I need to sign up for Lemmy now? And do I need to sign up for multiple “instances” whatever those are?

    I’m pretty tech savvy but the fediverse makes me feel stupid, i have to assume this could be a barrier to entry for some

      410 months ago

      there should be a way to join Lemmy communities with a Kbin account, but try this

      in the Kbin search bar:

      1. type
      2. replace the fields and see if you can subscribe